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Ransomware still your top threat, says NCSC CEO

Cyber sector news

08:00 Monday, 01 November 2021

Uk Cyber Security Council

In her Cyber 2021 speech in October at Chatham House, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) CEO Lindy Cameron once again pointed to ransomware as the type of attack we are most likely to suffer.

Cameron was reflecting on her first year in her new post. “We have … seen in the last year real-world impact from a spate of ransomware attacks”, she said. “There has been significant damage caused to the public sector. Ireland’s Health Service Executive suffered a massive ransomware attack, leading to months of disrupted appointments and services.”

Cameron was blunt about the need for more cyber skills in all areas. “We need to address the skills shortage across the cyber profession and our own workforce”, she said, before noting that it is not just businesses that need to grow their security knowledge. “We need the Great British public to have the skills to help them stay safe and to have technology to hand that removes the security burden on their daily lives”, she continued, noting that it is essential that we “[raise] cyber and digital literacy across the general population”.

Lindy Cameron’s full talk, in video form and as a transcript, is on the NCSC web site.