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Ready to work for the Council?

From time to time the Council may have vacancies for either paid positions or voluntary roles. Browse the sections below for full details of positions and roles for which the Council is currently recruiting.

Being part of a start-up organisation offering a new product to market brings a level of excitement, urgency and an attractive culture led by a vigorous and innovative CEO and Board. The benefits of working for the Council as a start-up are:

‘You won’t get Bored!’ - days are far from being routinely monotonous or boring due to unexpected changes, and the number of tasks to be done as fast as possible.

Innovative Working Culture - act as fast as possible and waste no time, a ‘less is more’ and ‘do more with less’ mindset, which will give you the opportunity to explore your creativity.

Flexibility – a focus on quality rather than quantity, giving you space to worry less about unnecessary things and more about getting the job done and seeing results.

New and Innovative ways of Thinking - adopting an ‘out of the box’ mindset, you’ll find yourself learning and using the most modern and innovative tools and platforms on a daily basis.

Teamwork – the team is very small, which means we’re very close and aligned, working together to achieve the same goals. You’ll be surrounded by highly hardworking, talented, and ambitious people willing to do the impossible!

Professional Opportunities - being a start-up team member comes with great responsibilities. No matter what your title is, your work will make an impact on the Council’s growth and success making our own history.

Personal Growth – working with a start-up is an intense experience, so you’ll inevitably become more proactive and ambitious. You’ll be constantly thinking about how to improve things, be more aware of problems and how to solve them and become more open to new cultures and ways of thinking. You’ll also learn to love challenges and even look for them!

To apply, send your CV and a covering letter to

The UK Cyber Security Council is an equal opportunities employer and prohibits discrimination or harassment of any kind. All employment decisions – or selections, in the case of volunteer roles – are based on business needs, role requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, colour, religion, belief, or any other characteristic or status protected by UK law. We encourage applications from people of all ages.