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Looking for a different cyber role? Join the Army.

Joining the profession

12:00 Wednesday, 21 April 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In a new report entitled “Defence in a competitive age”, the UK government reminds us that that the UK's Armed Forces provide a rich seam of employment opportunities for people wanting to skill up and work in cyber.

The report makes clear how core the cyber security skillset is to tomorrow’s defence forces. In a section on “Sustaining strategic advantage through science and technology”, it notes that the investment over the next four years into what it calls “UK cyber power” will be £6.6bn. Cyber is also central to offensive strategy: the report notes that the UK is NATO’s “leading European ally” and that along with nuclear weapons, strike aircraft and precision weapons, only we can combine these more traditional weapons with “offensive cyber”.

The report expresses the government’s desire to “build on and maintain the UK’s status as a leading, responsible, democratic cyber power”, though it also nods toward the more ethical side of things, saying that: “we will uphold our values and are committed to using our cyber capabilities in a responsible way and in line with UK and international law”.