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Cyber First Girls Competition kicks off

Cyber education

12:00 Tuesday, 26 January 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

The 2021 Cyber First Girls competition began on Monday 25 January with a 10-day qualifying round – which, unlike last year and for obvious coronavirus-related reasons, is being held online. Each team consists of up to four female students from Year 8 in England and Wales and the equivalents in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The regional semi-finals are scheduled for 12 March, with the grand final on 26 April.

The categories and challenges in the competition have been designed to align with the official Computer Science syllabuses, but with some additional subject areas outside those constraints to push and stretch the capabilities and innovation of the competitors. The organisers have provided some examples of the level of difficulty of some of the cyber questions.

Full details of the competition are on the NCSC’s web site.