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CyBOK 1.1 launched

Cyber sector news

08:30 Friday, 08 October 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

The new version of CyBOK - the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge - was released in the summer of 2021. Funded by the National Cyber Security Programme and a development of the original version that launched in October 2019, CyBOK 1.1 brings a variety of updates and new material to what its creators term “a common knowledge framework, which to date, the field of cyber security has lacked”.

Version 1.1 is not a wholesale update of the entire CyBOK library. In fact, sections such as Law and Regulation, Forensics and Human Factors remain in their original forms, with just wording and typographical corrections changed since day one. Instead, it is an evolution of some of the materials (Network Security has had major revisions, for example, with Risk Management and Governance gaining a section on vulnerability management) - though, this said, there is an entirely new section on Formal Methods for Security and another on Applied Cryptography.

Although perhaps not particularly visible in the security industry as a whole, CyBOK is nonetheless being used by key organisations. For example the National Cyber Security Centre uses the framework to underpin its assessment and certification process for cyber security degree programmes, while the Council is using it as the knowledge base for specialisms for its Careers and Qualifications Frameworks.

Read the new release and view the full content of CyBOK (available free) on the group’s web site.