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Surprise! Home workers untrained in data protection


12:00 Sunday, 07 February 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In a recent survey, a third of home workers admitted to disposing of sensitive and personal identifiable data simply by throwing it in the bin.

According to data collected by solicitors Hayes Connor, the understanding of data protection requirements and training in the concepts of data protection were shown to be lacking. The firm noted that “A worryingly high number of employees haven’t received data protection guidelines or aren’t sure if they have or not”, calling the poor attitude to the disposal of sensitive data “completely unacceptable”.

Furthermore, 20% of respondents claimed not to have received guidelines on data protection from their employers, with 10% unsure whether any such guidelines had been provided. Almost half were using their home printers to produce hard copies of company data, with 40% failing to shred documents before disposing of them.