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ISACA on diversity in the cyber workforce

Diversity & inclusivity

08:30 Wednesday, 12 January 2022

UK Cyber Security Council

In a December 2021 news article, ISACA examined the diversity implications of the well-known cyber security skills gap. As well as noting that "minorities comprise 26% of the cybersecurity workforce and only 21% of the overall workforce", it also examines neurodiversity - noting that the industry is "non-inclusive of the full spectrum of neuro-abilities that exist in the real world" - and the imbalance between males and females in the cyber workplace. 

The feature is, in fact, a top-level summary of a 2,000-word paper "Cybersecurity Workforce Diversity - including Cultures, Personalities and Neurodiversity" written in October 2021 by author Christopher Henry, which can be viewed on, or downloaded as a PDF from, ISACA's web site.