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HR is essential to cyber security, says ISACA

Employers, recruiters & HR

12:00 Thursday, 08 April 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In a blog article that cites a 2021 global cyber skills gap prediction of 3.5million, ISACA blog writer and EY HR specialist Sonja Jovanovic details the cyber security team’s reliance on their human resources counterparts.

“HR is the channel between the IT security team and staff”, says Jovanovic, and that the HR team brings a variety of services and skills including “communicating and clarifying policies, providing resources, and working behind the scenes to identify and anticipate the potential information security issues that arise”. The author also reminds us that since they have the strongest direct relationship with the organisation’s staff, they are perfectly placed to remind staff that they should speak up if they have concerns and to defend staff against being punished for unwittingly raising an issue that turns out to be a false alarm.

Jovanovic also alludes to the skills that cyber professionals should be applying to the organisation, pointing to a feature entitled “What Working in Cybersecurity is Really Like” by Varonis software engineer’s Rob Sobers.