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HM Government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022: the Council responds


02:15 Wednesday, 15 December 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

This morning, the Government launched the National Cyber Strategy 2022, successor to the 2016-21 National Cyber Security Strategy. At a virtual event streamed from Birmingham, speakers described the new strategy's five pillars which, together, are intended to protect and promote UK interests in the rapidly evolving online world and protect the UK from cyber threats.

Pillar 1 is "Strengthening the UK cyber ecosystem", and includes ambitions to:

  • strengthen the structures, partnerships and networks necessary to support a whole-of-society approach to cyber
  • enhance and expand the nation’s cyber skills at every level, including through a world class and diverse cyber profession that inspires and equips future talent
  • foster the growth of a sustainable, innovative and internationally competitive cyber and information security sector, delivering quality products and services, which meet the needs of government and the wider economy

It is within this pillar in particular that the UK Cyber Security Council will deliver vital support to the Strategy.

Simon Hepburn, chief executive officer of UK Cyber Security Council – who spoke at this morning’s launch event as a panel participant – said: "We welcome the arrival of the Government’s new National Cyber Strategy, and we look forward to playing an active part in the proposed National Cyber Advisory Board. We will take responsibility for supporting and informing the government’s cybersecurity initiatives, while ensuring that practitioners are represented and heard at every stage of the legislative, regulatory and national security process."

"In support of the first pillar of the strategy in particular, and working with our industry peers, we will work to improve access to the sector through our work on career routes and qualifications, and we will be the custodian of professional development best practice. We will promote the profession, uphold and implement the highest technical, ethical, education and working standards for cybersecurity professionals, and support UK innovation in cybersecurity - as well as be a source of thought leadership for regional, national and international bodies charged with the cybersecurity of the nation and our economy."

Council CEO Simon Hepburn speaks during a panel discussion at the launch of the government's National Cyber Strategy 2022

Council CEO Simon Hepburn speaks at the Strategy's launch event this morning