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CPD is handled badly in appraisals, says the BCS

Continuous Professional Development

12:00 Saturday, 30 January 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

A January 2021 article by the British Computer Society claims that Continuing Professional Development (CPD), a core part of any professional qualification or certification, is poorly handled in employees’ performance appraisals.

Citing a 2015 Forbes article, the Society says that over half (55%) of employees find their appraisals inadequate, noting also that in a Deloitte report it is claimed that only 28% of companies consider their appraisal process to be highly effective.

The view in the BCS article is that CPD is generally not properly aligned with the organisation’s goals, that the focus should not be on “plugging the gap” of knowledge using reactionary, after-the-fact training.

It opines that “[by] taking a long-term view of CPD, you’re able to pinpoint specific qualifications or training requirements, which helps you streamline L&D spend to make a valuable investment in the future”, noting also that soft skills such as communication and problem solving are also a key part of development and must be given just as much weighting as technical skills.