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CPD: BCS explores 10 essential digital skills

Continuous Professional Development

12:00 Tuesday, 09 March 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In a series of videos published in February 2021, the British Computer Society explored ten areas of digital skills that it considers essential in today’s IT market. Kevin Streater, Chair of the Society’s Learning & Development Specialist Group, focused on the area of Continuous Professional Development, or CPD, asking: “What does good CPD look like?”

Streater examined a variety of models of CPD, from reactive development to address gaps in one’s skillset to proactive, one-to-one mentoring or coaching.

“Maintaining your level of competence in a continuously changing world is a difficult thing to do, and that’s where CPD comes in”, said Streater. “It’s important to keep your skills current, to keep yourself up to date, and you can demonstrate that by engaging with continuous professional development.”