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CIISec CEO: poor recruitment means poor diversity in cyber

Cyber sector news

09:00 Sunday, 28 March 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

Commenting on the content of the UK Government’s newly released report “Cyber security skills in the UK labour market 2021”, Amanda Finch, CEO of the Chartered Institute for Information Security (CIISec) has called out the recruitment process as impeding improvements to diversity in the field of cyber security.

Speaking to InfoSecurity Magazine, Finch says that “The fact is, challenges in recruitment come from all sides from organizations being unclear or over demanding and recruiters not understanding the roles, to a lack of confidence or skills from applicants”.

She goes on to point out that collaboration between recruiters and organisations needs to improve and increase if the situation is to improve, and also that cyber job advertisements can often deter women and minority groups from applying for roles by being “unrealistic and intimidating” and by over-exaggerating the skills and experience required for the post.