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Blazing success in NCSC CyberFirst

Cyber education

08:00 Tuesday, 19 October 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

The NCSC’s latest CyberFirst programme has blazed a trail for cyber security right at the beginning of the career path - teenagers aged between 14 and 17.

1,866 young people - a record number - took part in CyberFirst, which aims to promote and encourage cyber security skills in those who are best placed to be tempted into a career in cyber security. Over twice this number (4,384) applied to take part, which was 12% up on the previous year.

Particularly excellent was the diversity of the young people taking part. Whereas 16% of the UK’s cyber workforce are presently women, with 17% of people from ethnic minority backgrounds, the make-up of the CyberFirst entrants was an 43% female, with an even greater proportion (47%) from ethnic minorities.

An extensive report on the course is on the NCSC’s web site. Along with the CyberFirst course, it also mentions the CyberFirst bursary scheme and the impending CyberFirst Girls competition, which opened for registrations yesterday (18th October 2021) and further promotes cyber security - in this case among girls of 12 and 13.