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BCS: Stop blaming the users

Cyber sector news

08:00 Monday, 25 October 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In a recent article for the BCS, author Oscar O’Connor urged us to remember, when we are looking for the cause of a cyber incident (or, more bluntly, when we are looking for whom to blame) that the average user does not have vast cyber skills and so the buck should not land there.

“Let’s take a step back from the culture of blaming the much-maligned end user and take a look in the mirror”, said O’Connor, noting that “user communities have jobs to do, they specialise in those jobs, not in the security of software or systems”. While he agrees that everyone needs some basic awareness, accountability for security has to remain with those who have the skills in that area.

Oscar O'Connor's article is on the BCS website.