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Building the Council: Workstream 7: Ethics


11:40 Sunday, 31 January 2021

Elaine Luck, CREST

Developing a Code of Ethics on behalf of the UK Cyber Security Council formation project was a real honour. In leading the workstream, I was fortunate to have a really strong team of participants around me to get us through to a great end result. There were some bumps along the way - changed goalposts and so forth and not to mention the challenges of a global pandemic - but what we created will be of significant benefit to the Council and most importantly to the cyber security industry as a whole and to those that buy services from it. You can see the fruits of our labour here.

While all of the workstream members contributed in some way, there are a few that I would really like to thank for their wise counsel and diligence. Ian Fish, whose command of the English language is second to none; Deborah Seddon and Tina Russell, whose experience of ethics was invaluable; and also (in no particular order) Allison Wylde, John Blythe, Natasha Karelina, Richard Lester, David Beckett, Alastair Revell and Mike McDonald, all of whom gave up their time to support the work. I must also thank the CREST President, Ian Glover, for his unwavering support for what I was doing.

The Project Secretariat from the IET were incredibly helpful. I personally will miss my involvement when the Formation Project formally closes. I have learned an enormous amount from my involvement and would love to remain engaged with the nascent Council going forward.

Finally, as a result of this work, CREST will be able to enhance its own Code of Ethics, and that’s next on my to-do list.