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Professional standards and ethics

Standards and ethics and the cyber security profession

Cyber security professionals operate in a rapidly changing environment , and it is essential that they have the relevant skills, expertise, and judgement to undertake their roles effectively. Standards of practice are set through requirements for:

Competence – the knowledge, skills and aptitude needed to undertake a role 

Conduct – the behaviour required of a professional in undertaking their role 

Commitment – the obligation to maintain competence and uphold the profession 

At the UK Cyber Security Council, these standards are set out in the following ways: 

Conduct and Ethics – through member organisations, and others, signing up to the Code of Ethics (add link) and the Code of Conduct (add link) and through the Guiding Principles (link) which are available for individuals and companies to reference. 

When professional registration is launched, individual registrants will also be required to commit to a code of ethics through their individual licensed body. 

Competence and Commitment – individual practitioners who wish to demonstrate their professionalism will be able to join the Register of Cyber Security Professionals when it is launched. To join the Register, individuals will be required to meet a certain standard of competence, and make a commitment to professional conduct, both at the point of assessment and through continued membership of a licensed professional body.