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UK Government promises new cyber strategy


10:00 Tuesday, 31 August 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

The UK Government has published its new UK Innovation Strategy. As one would expect, the strategy is a general one at this point – it talks of innovation in general rather than diving deeply into any particular area of technology. It does, however, acknowledge the fact that cyber security – and the skills required to do it well – are core to any type of innovation, and as such there are two key pointers to cyber in particular.

One such reference is to what the Government calls “cyber-physical infrastructure” which, it says, “[weaves] together AI, connected smart machines, data, digital twins, and other technologies”, giving as an example an agricultural scenario where Artificial Intelligence might be used to analyse data from sensors and improve sustainability and cost by optimising crop yield.

Particularly promising, though, is the promise to publish, by July 2022, a new National Cyber Strategy.

It will, the Government says, include “measures to foster growth and innovation in the UK's cyber security sector, develop more secure digital infrastructure, ensure security is built into the future technologies that will transform our economy and society, and protect cutting edge research and [Intellectual Property]”.