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UK Cyber Security Council Trustee Elections 2022 - MEMBER VOTING IS NOW OPEN!

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12:00 Monday, 27 June 2022

UK Cyber Council

‌Voting is now open in the UK Cyber Security Council's 2022 Trustee Election, so please take this opportunity to choose who you would like to represent you. 

It has always been the intention of the UK Cyber Security Council to ensure that its trustees are drawn from a diverse pool of applicants to bring the best possible experience to the Board of Trustees. As part of this vision, up to a quarter of the Board are to be selected by member vote. The intention is to do this over a period of time, and initially we are looking for two trustees to join the existing Board in September 2022, with the plan that one new trustee will subsequently be elected by members for September 2023 and a further one for September 2024, to reach the full complement of 4 member-elected trustees. All trustees serve a three-year term of office, and will be eligible for re-elections thereafter.

In looking for new trustees the Board has identified that it would be particularly helpful to have at the board table the voice of an early stage cyber-professional and someone from one of the devolved nations: both of these would complement existing skill sets on the current Board. In asking for nominations we have encouraged applications from people in these categories and have asked candidates to be clear in their nomination papers whether they meet either of these criteria. Members are able to vote for any candidate that they think would be a good fit for the board, but we particularly appreciate input from voting members in helping us to scope and strengthen our board in this way.

Voting will be by single transferable vote. Members are asked to rank their candidates in order of preference, in line with the voting instructions, and the two candidates with the highest voting preferences will be elected.

‌Voting is quick and easy to do. Simply click on the button below to find out more about the candidates standing and cast your vote.

Vote Now

Alternatively, you can visit: and enter your Membership number.

Voting will close at 5pm on Friday 29 July 2022.

‌‌Please note that each membership number can only be used once to cast the vote for your organisation, so please do ensure that you have approval to vote on behalf of your orgnanisation.

‌If you require any technical assistance with the voting site, please contact Mi-Voice, the organisation supporting the voting process on 02380 763 987 or

‌If you have any queries about the election, please contact

‌The Trustee role is about representing you as members, so it’s really important that as many of you as possible take part in the democratic process and have your say on who takes your views forward.

‌Yours sincerely,‌‌

Claudia Natanson
Chair of Trustees
UK Cyber Security Council