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New resource: Mappings of University and Professional Training Programmes to CyBOK

Cyber sector news

12:30 Wednesday, 20 October 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

The CyBOK team based at Bristol University has announced a new resource, ‘Mappings of University and Professional Training Programmes to CyBOK’.

Its newly published booklet shows mappings of a number of postgraduate degrees at higher education institutions certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and professional certification programmes. CyBOK says that new mappings will be added to the booklet as they are created, and a new version will be released with an explanation of the changes.

Details include charts indicating and contrasting the breadth and depth of coverage of various CyBOK Knowledge Areas (KAs) in CyBOK v1.0 (with the addition of a 20th KA on Formal Methods for Security).

CyBOK underpins the Council’s ongoing work on its careers framework.