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ISACA reveals the skills we’ll need for 2022

Career development and progression

08:30 Wednesday, 22 December 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In his December 2021 ISACA blog article, Dr. Jack Freund, whose day job is as VP and Head of Cyber Risk Methodology at security vendor BitSight, looks into his crystal ball and tells us the skills we're going to need to have to make it in cyber in 2022. Dr. Freund cites three areas of skills.

First comes Cyber Risk Quantification, or CRQ - using actual data rather than being qualitative and/or subjective. One definition tells us that CRQ is "the process of evaluating the cyber risks that have been identified and then validating, measuring and analysing the available cyber data using mathematical modelling techniques" - which means we'll need some maths capability alongside the general analysis skills.

Next is what the author calls "executive presence", by which he means that cyber people need to present to exec people competently and comfortably. In come all those soft skills we have written about before.

Finally, we have what Dr. Freund calls "the ability to learn how to learn". On the basis that the technologies we use now may well begin to fade away, which means we need to be able to pick new stuff up - and to continue to do so as innovation continues to grow over time.

The full article, which also has links to other reference materials, is on ISACA's web site.