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InfoSec Europe: Apprenticeships are the answer for cyber skills

Cyber education

12:00 Friday, 29 January 2021

Uk Cyber Security Council

A new Twitter poll by Infosecurity Europe says that almost half (42.5%) of respondents believe that apprenticeships are the way to attract young people into the field of cyber security.

Noting that young people are a key target for recruitment into cyber security, the poll also notes that in order to achieve this, cyber security education must begin at a young age, even as part of the school curriculum. One industry professional quoted in the pool report said that the younger cyber education started, the better, noting that “[cyber education is] a pipeline – you can't simply pick someone up and say ‘You’re now infosec’!”.

The poll touches on a wide range of concepts in career development, from mentoring (17.1% saw a need for more mentoring or role models) to diversity (13.4% considered this area to be lacking).