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Government funds skills plan to help close the cyber skills gap

Cyber sector news

09:00 Thursday, 25 March 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

Online learning academy Capslock has launched an online training regime targeted at addressing the UK’s cyber security skills gap, which is being funded as part of a £191million investment by the UK Government. Capslock is part of the LORCA cybersecurity “advancement” initiative, which targets later-stage security vendors to help achieve their growth ambitions.

The new programme aims to bring 200 people into cyber-security via a 16-week re-skilling programme that is predicted to cost a total of around £1.5million. Via a mechanism it terms an “income share agreement” the learners’ course fees are payable once the individual has secured a suitable, adequately-paid job rather than up-front or over the period of the course.

Details of the programme are on Capslock’s web site.