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Cyber vendor makes its training programme free

Cyber education

12:00 Wednesday, 10 February 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

Cyber security vendor Fortinet has announced that it has extended its programme of free cyber security training courses “for the foreseeable future”. The company reported that since it first made training available for no cost it has seen 800,000 registrations, and promised that “all self-paced advanced security training courses will remain free beyond 2021”.

Unsurprisingly, the training is focused on Fortinet’s own product range, so much of the material relates directly to how one configures Fortinet security kit. Such free training programme does not serve as a like-for-like replacement for a recognised independent education option, and article does not constitute any form of endorsement for it. However, the courses do contain enough general material to offer value to viewers who do not use this particular vendor’s equipment. The time spent viewing the content may be counted toward an individual’s CPD requirements.

More information about the announcement is on Fortinet’s web site. Find its programme of free training here