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Cyber remains at the top of the list of skills needs

Cyber sector news

08:30 Thursday, 09 December 2021

UK Cyber Security Council

In its 2021 Digital Leadership Report, recruitment and outsourcing company Harvey Nash shows us that security remains the biggest challenge for companies, and that the skills gap in cyber security is still as wide as ever.

The report describes security as a "perennial issue", noting that "Preventing and mitigating cyber attacks remains a key priority for digital leaders and unlike other tactical pressures it probably always will be". Despite this, the overall skills shortage is a record 67%, with cyber security experts at the top of the list of the people they need.

Top of the list of challenges facing digital leaders is ensuring cyber security throughout the enterprise, with 61% of leaders saying they face this challenge (note that in second place is transforming and digitising the enterprise, a whopping 13% behind). And this is unsurprising given that 60% of organisations say they have most or all of their tech in the cloud (which, presents a set of risks not found in on-premise systems).

The story isn't all gloom and despondency, though: only 24% of respondents said they'd been subjected to a major attack in the last two years, which shows a steady improvement over 2020 (27%) and 2019 (32%).

The full report is packed with statistics - both security- and non-security-related - and is on Harvey Nash’s web site.