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Getting started in cyber security

Starting out

Whether you're currently studying, just starting work, or have work experience but are thinking of changing your industry, there are many free on-line resources to help you explore the cyber security industry:

  • Capture the Flag (CTF) game and competition platforms
  • bug bounty programmes, which offer recognition and compensation for reporting bugs in some websites
  • videos and blogs, which give advice and information from professionals in the industry
  • on-line guidance from cyber security vendors on specialist cyber security investigation tools and techniques
  • publications on cyber security news and information about new threats, vulnerabilities and attack profiles
  • government and other formal reports on security breach statistics

There are also opportunities, often subsidised or free, to attend cyber security boot camps or summer schools. You should be able to find information easily online about these. The CyberFirst programme, run by the NCSC, includes a wide range of such events and competitions for those at school and some support for those at university. You can also find out more information on the Cyber Choices site.

Remember: employers welcome people:

  • with all types of degrees
  • who that can demonstrate an interest in cyber security; and
  • who have practical skills, such as managing their own work, co-operating with other people and presenting ideas and findings clearly.


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