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Routes to and through a cyber security career

This section of the website provides essential information on the cyber security profession: from what cyber security is, to how to join the profession, to how to develop your career across its 16 specialisms. It's a resource for both prospective and current practitioners, as well as cyber security industry managers and recruiters.

The UK Cyber Security Council will ensure anyone interested in an exciting career tackling online threats has access to world-class training and guidance.
Matt Warman MP, Digital Infrastructure Minister, February 9th 2021

What is cyber security?

According to government agency the National Cyber Security Centre, cyber security covers “all aspects of how individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyberattack”. Learn more


Why work in cyber security?

There may never be a better time to start your career in cyber security. UK Government research published in March 2020 describes a significant shortage of qualified professionals, with many unfilled vacancies and rising salaries – and that was before the pandemic and the rise of remote working. Learn more


Getting started in cyber security

Employers recruiting for cyber roles consider your potential and your problem-solving abilities as well as your academic record. Cyber security needs and welcomes people who think differently. Learn more


Apprentice schemes and opportunities

Apprenticeships are a great way to enter the UK cyber security industry, starting you on the route to becoming a fully-qualified cyber security professional. Learn more


Developing your cyber security career

If you're already working in cyber security there are several ways in which you could develop your career. Learn more


Careers and specialisms

Whether you aspire to work in cyber security or already do, this section of the site contains detailed information on 16 different cyber security specialisms, including role details, skill requirements, relevant qualifications, useful experience, how to get started and salary potential. Learn more


Cyber security qualifications

There is no single route into or through the cyber security profession, nor is there one single qualification that guarantees you entry or progression. In fact, there are a number of relevant qualifications and certifications that can help you to improve your skills and progress in your career. Learn more



The Cyber Security Body Of Knowledge (CyBOK) is a comprehensive Body of Knowledge intended to inform and underpin education and professional training for the cyber security sector. Learn more


Professional status for cyber security practitioners

The Council aspires to provide routes to formal professional status, including Chartered status, for cyber security specialists. Learn more


Managing cyber security talent

If you're a manager considering the structure of your cyber security team, defining a role, or intending to recruit for a role, information on cyber security specialisms in the Careers Route Map can help you formulate your approach. Learn more